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The Art of Magic

Free Card Tricks

Card tricks are a staple part of every magician’s repertoire. These are the first tricks that aspiring magicians learn […]

Card Tricks

One of the easiest forms of magic, Card Tricks have been around for as long as people can remember. […]

Magic Illusions

There are many different forms of magic that exists in the world. One form is the wonderful magic illusions […]

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Magic Trickery

Magic Tricks

Magicians, especially professional magicians, tend to guard their secrets jealously. It is rare indeed to find a performer who would reveal the secrets of their art to the uninitiated or to colleagues. Very few of these individuals would indeed reveal the magic tricks they have developed on their own for love or money. Nowadays books, videos, leaflets and other items available at bookstores and on the internet (even whole websites devoted to magic) have gone a long way towards explaining simple magic tricks. Amateur magic enthusiasts can […]

Magic Shops

Buying different products is always easy if you buy them from places that sell these items exclusively. For magical goods the best place to find all of these items is magic shops. These shops will for the most part be small stores where you will find lots of different items. The various items that you can find will not be confined to one branch of magic or even magic from one country. Instead you will find paraphernalia for a host of magical tricks. These magical items are […]

Cool Card Tricks

We have all been fascinated by watching various people playing card tricks. Some of us have even attempted at one time or another to perform these card tricks ourselves with varying degrees of success. Of the many card tricks out there you will find some really cool card tricks. These are the card tricks that have people looking on in total bafflement as they try to figure out what happened to the cards. These cool card tricks are for the most part performed by magicians or individuals […]

Coin Tricks

Coin tricks have been around almost from the time coins first came into being. They have been a popular fairground attraction for the last two or three hundred years. Nowadays, coin tricks have become a favorite with professional magicians around the world. Modern coin tricks have evolved into a fascinating act. Street magicians and performers of magic can baffle entire audiences with a variety of tricks. These are tricks such as making coins multiply, vanish and subsequently reappear by plucking them from the air. Coin tricks are […]

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