Coin Tricks

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Coin tricks have been around almost from the time coins first came into being. They have been a popular fairground attraction for the last two or three hundred years. Nowadays, coin tricks have become a favorite with professional magicians around the world.

Modern coin tricks have evolved into a fascinating act. Street magicians and performers of magic can baffle entire audiences with a variety of tricks. These are tricks such as making coins multiply, vanish and subsequently reappear by plucking them from the air.

Coin tricks are also known as coin flourishing or coin manipulating. They require sleight of hand and a fair amount of practice to improve dexterity. A polished act for presentation will make the coin trick very believable.

Coins come in a variety of sizes. Large shiny coins are more visible against your hand and are ideal for show purposes. Coins with broad or rough edges offer an advantage over other types of coins as they are easier to grip and maneuver.

It is said that practice makes perfect, and that is certainly true when performing coin tricks. Practice enables magicians to identify their personal preferences. The coins most suited to perform particular tricks are the ones which fit to the contours of their palms. These allow coin tricks to be performed deftly without being detected by the audience.

There are books, videos, TV programs, websites and even seminars that are dedicated to showing the many behind the scene magic tricks. These for the most part, focus on simple magic routines. These will help to initiate beginners to the world of magic.

More sophisticated and complicated coin tricks can be gradually developed. There are also seminars at which the “magical community” gather to show off their skill and occasionally. If you’re lucky you will get an opportunity to share their knowledge on how certain of their more baffling tricks are performed.

Some of the easiest coin tricks, though vastly entertaining, require no special skill or ability on the part of the magician. A certain amount of convincing patter can often transform what would otherwise be a very ordinary trick into a gasp evoking performance.

One such case in point, especially where coin tricks are concerned, would be the Penny Prediction. Here a member of the audience is asked to select a coin from a hat, pass it around the room. Everyone except the magician sees the coin. It is then put back into the hat. The magician then proceeds to ‘read’ the minds of the people, or commune with spirits and produce the correct coin.

Coin tricks such as this are very impressive. True. However, they are often very simple and easily explained. Like the Penny Prediction where the coin passed around the room. It absorbs the body heat of those handling the coin and grows warmer. When the coin is put back into the hat, the magician is able to identify it from the rest of the coins immediately.

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