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We have all been fascinated by watching various people playing card tricks. Some of us have even attempted at one time or another to perform these card tricks ourselves with varying degrees of success. Of the many card tricks out there you will find some really cool card tricks. These are the card tricks that have people looking on in total bafflement as they try to figure out what happened to the cards.

These cool card tricks are for the most part performed by magicians or individuals who perform card tricks. You however also have the ability of performing these types of fantastic card tricks too. The main items that you will need to perform these numerous cool card tricks is that of a deck of cards, patience and some books that show you the behind the scene details of these tricks.

Now before you say that you can do these tricks in no time at all there is an art form you will need to master. You might feel that the art form is just a way of diverting the attention of the audience from the trick and you have no need for this trickery. This however is not the case.

This art form of performing cool card tricks must be performed smoothly as you are doing the routine otherwise the card trick will look unpolished and incomplete. Also the audience will not be impressed with your card trick. For this reason as you are perfecting your cool card tricks you should also master the art of presenting the tricks.

Just to make the life of the audience more interesting your cool card tricks can have indications of psychic talents. By doing a card trick which has these elements to the trick you will definitely have the audience eager to see what else you can do. Just to whet your appetite for the sheer number of cool card tricks here are a few that you can try out. The torn and restored card trick is one of the most well known cool card tricks to be performed.

This is a cool card trick to try out. In this trick you seemingly tear the card in front of the audiences’ eyes. Then by a few magic words and /or magic gestures you restore the card back to its original shape. The best thing about this trick is that there will not be any visible tear marks on the “torn” card. Another interesting and yet very cool trick is called the Jack Robbers.

This card trick uses the four Jacks to perform the trick. As you are performing the trick of how these four Jack cards stole from a bank (read card deck here) you will see the wonder and amazement as the finale of the card trick is seen before their eyes.

The world of magic and card tricks is closely connected. When you use cool card tricks you bring the audience straight into a magical world.

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