Magic Shows

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Magic shows include many diverse art forms including illusion, sleight of hand and misdirection. In fact, anything and everything that cannot be explained, generally falls under the heading “It’s magic“.

Scientifically of course, there is no such thing as unexplainable magic. Logicians make it a point to scoff at all things magic. They maintain that magic shows featuring dazzling, mystifying acts all have some logical reasoning or mechanism behind it.

This point of view is accepted by the majority of cynical adult audiences around the world today. TV, web sites and other methods by which many of the simpler tricks have been explained have dissipated much of the mysterious aura that previously surrounded such amazing feats as pulling flowers out of the air, rabbits out of a hat and sawing people in half.

This has resulted in conjurors foraging deeper into advanced technology and modern science to help them develop tricks that are spectacular enough to impress, amaze and entertain a more sophisticated crowd. This is not easy as most adults know the simpler “tricks of the trade” and always look for a “logical” reason behind every trick in a magician’s repertoire.

Illusions that are commonly used in magic shows fall into several different categories. These include such forms of illusion as teleportation, vanishing and levitation.

There is also production where something is produced from thin air. Transformation (turning something into a totally different type of object) and penetration where solid objects pass through other solid objects (rings being intertwined, apples passing through boxes etc.) are part of the acts that you will see in magic shows.

Magic shows themselves can be categorized by class, as close up to the magic with the audience close to a seated performer. Cabaret magic where magicians perform on the same floor level as the audience. Bizarre magic using horror and shock like swallowing swords, boring holes through arms and skin etc. can also be seen.

There is also platform or stage magic, telepathic magic, children’s magic and street magic. Here the magicians give impromptu performances in front of pedestrians. However, all classes of magic have their own particular audiences. These magic shows attract large crowds for all the magic shows.

Of the hundreds of accomplished magicians currently performing on their own or in magic shows throughout the world, some names stand out. This is due to the sheer magnificence and skill of their performances. Performers like David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, David Blaine, Max Maven and Chris Angel to name a few of the great magicians of today.

It is evident, that no matter how advanced society may be that the thrill of magic will never die. In fact it would be safe to say that magic is here to stay. The many magic shows that we see are a testament to that.

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