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Free Card Tricks

Card tricks are a staple part of every magician’s repertoire. These are the first tricks that aspiring magicians learn to do. You can find a vast range of free card tricks in library books and sometimes on websites that are devoted to free magic tricks. The different card tricks that you can try will range from easy to do tricks to the more complicated tricks. By looking at these different free card tricks you will be able to see which ones you want to try out. Having […]

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Cool Card Tricks

We have all been fascinated by watching various people playing card tricks. Some of us have even attempted at one time or another to perform these card tricks ourselves with varying degrees of success. Of the many card tricks out there you will find some really cool card tricks. These are the card tricks that have people looking on in total bafflement as they try to figure out what happened to the cards. These cool card tricks are for the most part performed by magicians or individuals […]

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Card Tricks

One of the easiest forms of magic, Card Tricks have been around for as long as people can remember. These tricks have in fact grown in popularity with each year that has passed. Street performances by skilled magicians such as David Blaine and the introduction of large gaming facilities, such as the casinos of Los Vegas have contributed to the increased popularity of card tricks. Many amateur magicians specialise in card tricks due to their versatility. They are small, easy to handle and extremely cheap. They also […]

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